Clarins Self Tanner Review And Insights For Beautiful Skin

Formulated with unique plant extracts, the Clarins Self Tanner is one amazing gel tanner that will leave your skin with the most beautiful golden tone.

Whenever you look for a self tanner, you’ll probably find Clarins always on top of the list. And this is only for one reason: they use high-quality ingredients that allow you to get the right skin tone you’ve been looking for while preserving and nurturing your skin.

The Clarins Self Tanner is a different kind of self tanner. And main difference relies on the fact that this is actually a gel and not a lotion. And this, unlike what you may think, makes a huge difference in terms of the amount of time that you dedicate to get the right tone for your skin as well as in terms of the final results you get.


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The Clarins Self Tanner will deliver a streak-free and natural golden color without the need for you to stay in the sun. The Clarins Self Tanner is a lightweight gel that is non-oily, and that you can quickly and easily apply. One of the numerous advantages is that it dries very fast, meaning that this is one of the best self tanners you can use when you’re always in a rush.

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When you apply the Clarins Self Tanner the first time and you believe your tone is still too light, you don’t need to worry. Just repeat the same process again until you rich the skin tone you’re looking for.

One of the main advantages of the Clarins Self Tanner, unlike other self tanners, is the fact that you can use it on both your body and face. Usually, your skin’s face tends to be more sensitive and this is why so many self tanners explicitly say that you shouldn’t use them on your face. However, this isn’t the case of the Clarins Self Tanner. The only thing you need to be careful about is to make sure that you avoid your hairline and eyebrows.


Once you’ve finished applying the Clarins Self Tanner, you can rest assured that your new golden skin tone will last about 3 to 4 days.

According to some of the reviews we could find from people who is already using this self tanner, the Clarins Self Tanner is very quick to dry and it won’t come off on your sheets or even if you’re sweating. The only thing you should really avoid is taking a bath in the next 4 to 8 hours. Besides, as soon as it is dry, you can immediately see the tan that you get, unlike most other tan lotions that you need to wait up to the next day, after taking a shower.


One of the biggest complaints in what concerns with self tanners is the smell. However, and according to most reviewers, the Clarins Self Tanner smells like citrus and it’s a very clean and nice smell. This is the smell that you get both during and after the self tan, which makes the Clarins Self Tanner one of the best self tanners in this category.