Designer Skin Adore Bronzer Tanning Lotion Review

Desginer Skin Adore bronzer

Lotion Name: Designer Skin Adore Bronzer

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Brand: Designer Skin

Product Type: Tanning lotion

Size: 13.5

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Overall Recommendation

Want to rock a deep dark tan that will turn heads this summer? Well look no further, as we’ve reviewed one of the hottest tanning lotions on the market right now, Designer Skin Adore bronzer. We like this lotion for several reasons. It gives a deep, natural and almost airbrushed look, and you can definitely see the results after you tan. There is no DHA in this lotion, which some tanners like and prefer. It has a light, sweet scent and you won’t have an after tan odor (ATO) when using this lotion.

Adore can be used for beginners or experienced tanners. It’s great for anyone who has a good base tan and wants to get darker as well. The lotion will leave your skin moisturized, and won’t leave you feeling dry after your tan either. The only down side is that this lotion might cost more than some of the other tanning lotions out there. However, if you’re will to pay a little more for long lasting color, this bronzer will not disappoint

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Designer Skin Adore Bronzer
BrandDesigner Skin
Consistency and FeelLight and creamy
ApplicationEasy application allover coverage
ScentWarm vanilla musk
FeaturesLimitless Tanning Complexe, Skin Activated Moisture, Mega Magical Silicone
ResultsDeep bronze, matte finish
PriceMid to high-range, around $36
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Detailed Review


Designer Skin came out with this tanning product, one of their latest in their collection line. This tanning lotion is part of Designer Skin’s Mystical Collection which also includes a number of their signature tanning lotions.

Bottle Look and Design

The lotion comes in a very chic and sophisticated bottle with Adore written in handwriting. The color of the bottle is black and has romantic silver and pink lace print on it.

Product Consistency and Feel

We like Designer Skin’s Adore bronzer because it doesn’t leave an oily feeling after using it and goes on really smooth, not sticky or slimy like some silicone lotions. It has a light and creamy consistency, and won’t make you break out after use if you have sensitive skin.

Product Application

This lotion applies easily, and provides for even color allover. You won’t need to wipe your hands after application and no worrying about an orange color. It requires minimal applications and you’ll start seeing results typically after 1-2 tanning sessions.


The fragrance is warm vanilla musk and smells light and refreshing. The lotion has a minimal scent and is not too overpowering. I actually like the scent more after tanning and youll find that there isn’t an after tanning odor (ATO) like some other tanning lotions can have.


Designer Skin Adore Black Label Bronzer features a number of perks. The company features it as being 21X natural bronzer and has their trademarked Limitless Tanning Complexe which features Dopa which helps activate the tanning process and removes any limits for dark color potential. The lotion also has Skin Activated Moisture technology and Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion to promote smooth and hydrated skin during the tanning process. All these ingredients are blended together to create a bronzer without the addition of DHA.

Tanning Results

The Adore tanning lotion provides tanners with a deep bronzed tan, and a nice matte finish. Users of this lotion boast seeing instant color as soon as they get out of the tanning bed. Adore is suitable to use in a high or low pressure bed. We think this tanning lotion works great for even the less frequent tanner who would be able to maintain their tan with one to two sessions a month using this lotion. It seems that beginners and experienced tanners see results using this lotion as well. If you’re someone that likes DHA or tingle in your tanning lotions, this lotion may not be for you. However, if you prefer lotions that are free of DHA, aloe, hemp, and gluten, try Designer Skin Adore bronzer, it won’t disappoint.

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