Designer Skin BombShell 100XX Bronzer Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: Designer Skin BombShell 100XX BronzerDesginer Skin Bombshell

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Brand: Designer Skin

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 fluid ounces

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Overall Recommendation

We love this tanning lotion and suggest it for those that want a dark tan, and bombshell look, without breaking the wallet. Designer Skin’s BombShell 100XX tanning lotion is great for those that might be stuck in a tanning plateau and are having some difficulty getting darker. For those of you just trying to build a base tan, we would recommend you use something milder to build that good base tan before moving up to this lotion. This bronzer will trigger a richer tan to build on your base tan.

The BombShell bronzer goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling amazing. Expect to have noticeable results and no fear, this lotion will make you brown, not orange. For the wonderfully delicious glow you’ll get, your skin will thank you for it.

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Designer Skin BombShell 100XX Bronzer
BrandDesigner Skin
Consistency and FeelModerately thick, creamy, only need small amount
ApplicationEasy application, dries quickly, tingle lotion
ScentFruity kiwi-watermelon
FeaturesTngle, white tea extract, soy, walnut oil, coenzyme Q-10.
ResultsMedium-dark tan, fast results
PriceMid-range, around $28
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Detailed Review


Designer Skin sure does know how to do tanning right. We know Designer Skin is known for some of the best tanning products on the market today. Their BombShell 100XX bronzer is one tanning lotion that will not disappoint.

Bottle Look and Design

The design of the lotion has a fun and funky bottle design; the bottle has a red background and retro feel to it with a stunning pin-up girl model on the front and BombShell in pretty handwriting. The lotion size is a 13.5 oz bottle.

Product Consistency and Feel

Designer Skin’s BombShell Tanning lotion is not greasy, not very thick, and goes on pretty smooth. A little goes a long ways with this lotion, you only need a small amount to cover a good amount of surface area, so a bottle will last a while. The texture is creamy but easy to apply. It spreads all over the body easily without leaving any streaks if blended well, and provides for great allover coverage.

Product Application

The BombShell 100XX bronzer is very easy to apply. As it spreads all over the body easily and gives a smooth and silky touch to the skin.  This tanning lotion is better for those that have tanned before, so not really for beginners. It is a tingle lotion, so it has a little of that extra sizzle on the skin. It dries pretty quickly after applying the lotion, so you don’t have to wait forever for the lotion to try first before getting in a tanning bed.


This tanning lotion has a fruity smell and the fragrance is of kiwi watermelon. We like that it smells the same after tanning, nice and fruity, not like an unpleasant chemical scent.


The Designer Skin BombShell 100XX bronzer features an ultra-extreme sizzle formula, so for those that love some tingle in their tanning experience. This bronzer has a blend of white tea extract, soy, walnut oil, amino acids and coenzyme Q-10. As you can see, it’s packed with some antioxidants and ingredients that your skin will absolutely love. The blend of ingredients is great for moisturizing and hydrating the skin and acting as an anti-aging agent fighting against wrinkles, definitely a bonus.

This lotion is a tingle tanning lotion. It’s one of our favorite tingle lotions, and as far as the level of tingle goes, it is pretty moderate in terms of the tingle factor. You can feel the heat, but it’s not unbearable. Some tanners love the heat because you feel like you’re getting a really good tan. After the tan, you might be pink and warm to the touch for a few hours after your tanning session, but your skin won’t feel burnt or overly tingly. We recommend using caution if using a tingle lotion on your face, as your face may be more sensitive to it.

Tanning Results

The tanning results of this lotion are pretty fast. We recommend the BombShell bronzer for anyone who might already have a nice base tan and is trying to get past their tanning plateau. You can even see results after using it for a 10-15 minute tanning session. And the resulting color is a nice brown coloration, not orange at all. This lotion contains effective ingredients which tan your skin quickly without any damage to the skin. If you’re ready to get that bombshell glow, give this tanning lotion a try, you won’t regret it.

This lotion might cost a little more than some of its competitor’s lotions, however if you’re already tan and are looking to get darker, you may need to spend a little extra on a lotion like the BombShell bronzer, but trust us, it’s definitely worth it.

Where to Buy It

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