Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: Designer Skin Luminary 25XDesigner-Skin-Luminary-Bronzer

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Brand: Designer Skin

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.


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Overall Recommendation

I personally think the Designer Skin luminary tanning lotion is one of the best tanners available for users. Most forums and reviewers agree that it is arguably one of the top products for tanning on the market.

After my first session using this lotion, I was able to see immediate results right out of the tanning bed–pretty amazing! Other tanners have noted how they have been able to get really great results, even being fair skin and not having a dark base tan. Not to mention, this lotion smells pretty great, almost perfume-like. And it leaves you feeling silky and irresistibly smooth with its moisturizing ingredients.

Though it may be a little pricier than some of the other products out there, it’s really worth the investment. With the features and reviews to back it up, it’s no wonder that this lotion is regarded as one of the top tanning lotions available. I highly recommend this lotion to anyone who wants to get a deep lovely tan with lasting results. This luminary bronzer is our top rated tanning lotion for 2017, we think you’ll agree.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Designer Skin Luminary 25X
BrandDesigner Skin
Consistency and FeelSomewhat thick, but non-greasy
ApplicationGoes on light and smooth
ScentSweet champagne fizz fragrance
FeaturesL.E.D. (Light Engaged Defiance) complex, Solar silicone emulsion
ResultsLovely medium to dark shade, can see results after 1 session
PriceMid to higher range price, about $42, so about $3.11 per ounce (but worth every penny!)
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Detailed Review


This product is created by Designer Skin, a highly reputable company known for their tanning lotions and products. They usually are pretty reputable for their tanning products, and with this bronzer, they definitely proved that they produce quality tanning lotions.

Bottle Look and Design

The lotion comes in a truly luminary package (as its name would suggest). The bottle is light blue and silver with silver glitter all over (reminds me of something tinker bell would use if she was a tanner, glittery and bedazzled to the max!). Luminary Black Label Private Reserve is printed on the front in black lettering.

Product Consistency and Feel

The lotion has such a rich texture, and goes on really smooth and not too thick, which we love. Unlike other lotions that can feel heavy and cakey, this bronzer goes on light and dries rather quickly, so you can hop in the tanning bed in no time!

Product Application

Tanning reviewers say this lotion delivers fast results, even tanning, feels smooth and silky, and doesn’t leave any grease or oil.It’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

The lotion is somewhat thick in consistency, but feels lightweight and absorbs in the skin rather quickly and dries quickly too. It also provides a soft shimmer, and according to Designer Skin, it features celestial stardust to make skin appear luminous (hence the name).


We love the fun, sweet champagne fizz fragrance that this lotion comes in. I also really like that the scent isn’t too crazy strong and overwhelming too the senses. It smells really nice and leaves a subtle scent, not too overpowering.


The Luminary 25X features L.E.D. Complex, which basically means Light Engaged Defiance; this feature enhances the rich, radiant look of your tan, locking in light while giving it a natural glow.  This tanning lotion includes solar silicone emulsion, an ingredient that helps maintain the deep, glowing color.

Tanning Results

This tanning lotion is suitable for all skin types and can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning. Tanners who have problems burning easily rave that this tanning lotion gives you a great bronze tan without any of the nasty red blotches, definitely a bonus. Luminary Designer Skin lotion provides a deep, dark tan which the manufacturer boasts also has a multi-functional system that fights free radicals, to boost skin elasticity and smoothness.


It goes for $42 for a 13.5 oz. bottle, which comes out to be $3.11 per ounce. The price for this product is slightly more than other tanning products out there. However, you really pay for what you get, and if you are willing and able to pay for this tanning lotion, I would highly recommend it.

Where To Buy It

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