Designer Skin Obsidian Tanning Lotion Review

Designer skin obsidianLotion Name: Designer Skin Obsidian 30X

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Brand: Designer Skin

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.


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Overall Recommendation

Overall, we like this Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion for its special features, including the sun stay hydration technology which keeps your skin moisturized while helping your tan stay for the longer amount of time, especially when using in a tanning bed. It smells great, has a slight tingle and heat sensation, and gets you extra dark.

It may be on the pricier side for some, hence the reason for our giving it a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. But for those that are willing to splurge on a great product, this lotion is a smart buy because it really does help to overcome any tanning plateau you may have to get a level darker.

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Designer Skin Obsidian 30X
BrandDesigner Skin
Consistency and FeelMedium thin consistency, a little greasy
ApplicationGoes on smooth, slight tingling sensation
ScentCarribean mist scent, finishes a little musky
FeaturesBronzing matrix, volcanic minerals, thermal geo energy
ResultsMedium to dark tan, Can see results after 2 sessions
PriceMid to higher range price, roughly $38, so about $2.80 per ounce (but worth it!)
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Detailed Review


Designer Skin is the creator of this tanning lotion, known for their products and latest arrivals keeping up with the tanning trends.

Bottle Look and Design

This lotion comes in a black bottle speckled with white. The main label of this tanning lotion has the appearance of a white paint splotch full of black writing, with Obsidian in bold writing.

Product Consistency and Feel

We like that this lotion has a medium consistency, allowing even coverage without using too much product at once. It’s a little bit on the greasier side, just make sure to thoroughly rub in the lotion.

Note that this tanning lotion may not be for you if you have sensitive skin or skin that breaks out easily, as this lotion has been said to cause some redness for some tanners with very sensitive skin.

Be wary of where you purchase this product as it may be expired or watered down. An expired lotion will ball up on the skin as it heats up, peeling off in orange flakes. So just make sure to buy it from reputable sellers that have a great return policy.

Product Application

Since the lotion is a bit on the greasier side, it comes out thin from the bottle, but it does go on clean and smooth. The hydrating qualities in this lotion help keep skin moist during use and helps to prevent peeling and discoloration down the road, which we think is great. This product does not produce heavy or overlapping lines (definite bonus) and washes off easily after use.

While this tanning lotion is not a full on tingling product, it does produce warmth when in the tanning bed or under the sun. It feels like a mix between a normal lotion and a tingling one. It provides just enough heat without the burn. I actually think it feels a bit relaxing like having a hot stone massage. After tanning, your body will feel a little more hot than usual.

So just be wary of the heat this lotion can produce, especially in the facial area. Generally speaking, we recommend that tanners who have used tingling lotions and can tell the difference between the heat of the bed and the burning from the lotion use this product.


The obsidian lotion has a lovely Caribbean mist fragrance, almost taking you to the warm, sandy shores as you tan. The lotion goes on smelling slightly like peaches. Note that the after tanning scent that this product gives off is said to be a little musky and may bother some who are sensitive to different smells.


There are a couple of neat features to this lotion. The bronzing matrix works to enhance the bronzing power of the tan to create longer lasting effects.

The sun stay hydration feature provides key anti-aging minerals to help skin tighten and rejuvenate, while volcanic minerals give it a youthful, vibrant appearance.

This lotion allows you to experience the wonder of a volcanic skin treatment, like ones given in high-end salons in New York and Paris. The thermal geo-energy feature helps to draw in the sun’s rays while tanning.

Tanning Results

The lotion produces a nice dark tan in a short amount of time, after about 2 sessions. Even after the first session, I noticed a difference in my skin color and loved the amazing glow I had (without looking orange or fake).

In addition, Designer Skin claims that skin will stay up to 30 times darker thanks to its blend of matrix bronzers as it hydrates the skin’s tissue and prevents fading.

Where To Buy It

To buy Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion 30X, click here.


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