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Fixing Self Tanner Mistakes

I believe that most people think they could not afford to lose the commodity of self tanning. It’s not only easy, quick, and safe, as it allows you to look at your best for every occasion of your life. How many times did it happen to you to be invited to a date in the next day and you just feel that you’re too pale? Some years ago, you just had to go that way. However, today, things are different, and for the better. You can have the most amazing tan in just a matter of hours.

Despite you need to choose the best tanning cream for you as well as check the best tanning creams reviews as well, sometimes, mistakes happen. Even to the most experienced tanners. You may wake up in the next morning just to realize that you have a streak there or a splotch here. What now? Now, there are tons of solutions that are not only affordable as very easy. Check out how to remove your self tanner:

#1: Lemon Juice:

This is many people’s favorite way to remove the self tanner. Just use a cotton pad or a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice, and dab your skin. If you just have a few spots of self tanner, this is a highly effective method.

#2: Exfoliate With a Body Scrub:

Just scrub away the tanner using circular motions. In case you don’t know or forgot, you need to exfoliate your skin before you apply the self tanner. This will make sure that your skin is ready to absorb the tanning cream or lotion you’re using.

#3: Baking Soda:

When you just got an orange tan – something you really wasn’t expecting, nothing better than mixing water with baking soda and start exfoliating.

#4: White Vinegar:

White vinegar is one of those things that you’re constantly needing. Either for cooking, cleaning, and even to remove your self tanner. If you want to try the white vinegar, just rub it on your skin and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, just rinse it off with water.

#5: Whitening Toothpaste:

If you’ve just run out of white vinegar, whitening toothpaste will do the trick. Just rub it on and let it sit for some minutes. Then, just rinse it with water.

#6: Baby Oil:

Make sure you reserve baby oil for big mistakes like when you have to reduce the color in one big area. All you need to do is to apply it on that specific area, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, take a hot bath to rinse it all. One of the main advantages, when you’re using baby oil, is that not only your skin will be very smooth as it will smell really well.

In case you didn’t try to use a self tanner because you could make a mistake, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With these 6 different ways to remove the self tanner, you can be sure that you’ll look amazing.