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How to Get the Maximum Effect Out of a Suntan Lotion

We all know the dangers of exposing yourself to the sun. However, we simply love the sun. It makes us happy, it makes us glow. And it makes us healthier as well because that’s the main provider you can have of Vitamin D.

The problem with sunbathing is that many people tend to get sunburns. The lighter your skin tone, the more tendency you’ll have to get a sunburn which can be quite dangerous.

If you want to have the perfect tan that lasts, you should tan just for 10 to 30 minutes on the first few days, depending on your base tan and skin type. You should do it in the middle of the day and the best suntan lotion should not have SPFs. This may be a surprise for you but when you’re looking to get the best tan if you’re using a suntan lotion that has SPFs, it uses chemicals to block the UVB. This will simply give you a surface tan and you won’t be getting your Vitamin D as well. However, when you use a non-SPF suntan lotion, this will help your body to create more melanin in a natural way, giving you a better and long-lasting tan.

Depending on how dark you want to be, you can increase the time you spend in the sun. However, make sure that you don’t spend too much or you might get a sunburn.

Your face has a thinner skin and is more fragile than your body’s skin. So, you need to be more careful with it. For your face, you should consider getting a suntan lotion with SPF15, and that also includes some anti-aging ingredients. This kind of suntan lotion will allow you to get tanned but you’ll be protecting and nurturing your skin as well.

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When people want to get a great tan, they tend to forget that their first goal should be to preserve their skin. So, when you’re choosing a suntan lotion, you need to choose one that is specially made for tanning. This means that it shouldn’t have SPF but it surely needs to be very moisturizing. One of the worst enemies of your skin is dryness. So, by keeping it moisturized, you’ll decrease the risk of getting a sunburn, and you’ll have a good and lasting tan.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds, or even thousands, of suntan lotions in the market. While some can be quite good and give you the tan you want, others may not give you any tan at all. And while some can help your skin by helping prevent aging and maintain it hydrated, other lotions won’t have any ingredients that can help on both situations.

So, before you get your suntan lotion, make sure that you check the best tanning lotion reviews. By reading what others have to say about a specific suntan lotion may give you a hint on the best suntan lotion for you and for your skin type.