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How to Getting Rid Of Self Tanning Lotion?

With so many different tanning products available in the market today, there’s a lot to choose from. You just need to consider the kind of tanning procedure you want – either outdoor or indoor, tanning bed or tanning spray, among others -, the best tanning product for your skin type, check the best tanning products reviews, and get that amazing skin color. 

Self tanning is no longer hard. The different brands that are present in the industry keep improving their products so that you can apply yourself, without any problems. Nevertheless, sometimes, things just don’t go the way you want. If your self tanning for the first time, you might get some streaks or spots. But even if you already have been tanning for some time, changing to a different brand, for example, may lead you to make some mistakes. And you just don’t want to get out on the street with them. After all, your appearance matters, and you just want a nice tan.

In either case, you need to think that everything has a solution. And if you made a mistake, this time, it won’t happen to you again in the future because you understand what you did wrong. But how can you make it up so that your skin looks beautifully tanned, with any streaks, spots, or without it being orange?

These are the kinds of problems that affect all self tanners. And you’ll be glad to know that there’s a solution for all of them. And the best part is that they’re very easy to put into practice and won’t cost you almost anything.

If you’ve just finished self tanning and you’re looking at your body, still wet, and you already see a lot of streaks and spots, the best thing you can do is to remove the tanning lotion from your entire body and do it again. In order to remove the lotion, the old soap and warm water work just fine. The sooner you notice the tan has several mistakes, the better since it will come off easier. If you just noticed that your tan isn’t quite good after a few hours, you can use the warm water with soap as well. However, you may need to use a cotton ball with some alcohol to remove some spots. Please notice that alcohol will dry your skin. However, if the self tanner that you chose has moisturizers and hydrates your skin at the same time you get the tan, you will be fine.

Another good option is to use baking soda. Baking soda serves as a gentle exfoliator. Depending on the size of the area that you want to remove the self tanner from, it may be better to scrub or soak. 

Either if you’ve made a mistake or if your hands are filled with tanning lotion, any of these methods will help you. And remember that tanning is always a working process. If it didn’t go so well this time, it will be better the next time you try.