JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion Review

Product Details

Product Name: JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning LotionJWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Brand: Australian Gold

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 fl oz.


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Overall Recommendation

JWOWW’s Mad Hot Tingle tanning lotion is the perfect bronzing lotion for the experienced tanner, as it brings fast results, great for a quick tan on the go. You’ll have a noticeably darker tan after even the first use of this lotion, and can even help you cut down on the number of days you would need to spend at the tanning bed.

This tanner has just the right amount of tingle too, and provides a nice heat and warmth. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners who are not used to or have not tried tingle tanning lotions. However, it’s amazing for experienced tanners to push you past the tanning “plateau”. And for the price, it’s a total steal!

A little pricier than some of its competitors like Millennium tanning, however if you’re a fan of JWOWW and her products, this bronzer is just for you.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion
BrandAustralian Gold
Consistency and FeelGoes on smooth, non-greasy
ApplicationEasy application with tingle/heat sensation
FeaturesMoisturizing blend of yogurt base with pear, black currant oil, shea butter
ResultsMedium-dark bronze glow, immediate results
PriceMid-range, around $26
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Detailed Review


Australian Gold does it again with the Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer from JWOWW’s lovely collection of lotions and products.

Bottle Look and Design

The tanning lotion comes in a red and black bottle with the design of an elegant corset and gold writing.

Product Consistency and Feel

The lotion goes on smooth, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. The consistency is nice and creamy which we definitely like. Also, since it applies thoroughly into the skin, you don’t really feel the need to shower afterwards to wash away the excess grease.

Product Application

It sinks into the skin within minutes, and does not leave any streaks like how other lotions might. As with all lotions, make sure to shake the bottle before applying. Pro-tip: make sure to apply this lotion evenly and all over, due to possible spots.

For those with sensitive skin, the tingle factor in this lotion may not be for you; the tingle may cause some itching and redness for sensitive skin.


This bronzer has a great fresh cinnamon scent, which sets it apart from some of the fruity scented lotions that most brand names go for. The scent reminds me of the holidays; I found myself wanting to smell the lotion on my skin throughout the day, that’s how lovely it smells.


This lotion has a moderate level of tingle. Some experienced tanners that like the extra tingle may want to go for another tanning lotion that has more of the tingle punch to it. It includes bronzers great for using with the tanning bed, like tyrosine, melanin and natural bronzers. Like many of Jenni’s tanning lotions, this one contains a blend of a yogurt base with pear and black currant oil, providing smooth and supple skin. The vitamin E and shea butter in this tanning lotion also help to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Tanning Results

When using this lotion, you won’t burn but instead will result in a darkened tone. After the tingle and redness wore off, we noticed a nice change in color, almost two shades darker than pre-tanning bed and lotion. Great for quick, immediate results. We also like that it also keeps your skin pretty soft, which is a nice added bonus.

Where To Buy It

To buy JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer, Click Here.


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