JWOWW One and Done Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: JWOWW One and Done Advance Black BronzerNew JWOWW One and Done Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Brand: Australian Gold

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.

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Overall Recommendation

The best indoor tanning lotion available could arguably be one of JWOWW’s collections of lotions. One such lotion is her JWOWW One and Done black bronzer, a delicious black walnut, Shea butter and vitamin E blend. We like how it keeps skin soft and moisturized with a yogurt base infused with pear and black currant oil.

This tanning lotion has garnered much praise from its ability to produce wonderful tans in a short amount of time. What even better is that for all those fair skinned tanners out there, it can take you from pasty white to gorgeous brown in around 3 uses and doesn’t give that fake tan look.

The lotion comes with 13.5 ounces of product per bottle. Bottles are currently selling for between 25 – 35 dollars in the U.S. For the price, it’s a really good deal as far as the stunning tanning results that you get in such a short amount of time.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

JWOWW One and Done Tanning Lotion
BrandAustralian Gold
Consistency and FeelYogurt base, Great for sensitive skin
ApplicationYogurt base goes on easily, need to rub in well
ScentSweet Asian pears and black currant, Not overpowering
FeaturesAdvanced bronzers of DHA and black walnut blend
ResultsMedium to dark shade, can see results after 1-2 sessions
PriceMid-range affordable price, about $25, so $1.85 per ounce
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Detailed Review


This product is made by Australian Gold, a company that is well-renowned for their tanning products, carrying a number of JWOWW’s tanning collection.

Bottle Look and Design

The lotion bottle is a beautiful, round, purple bottle. The bronzer comes in a 13.5 ounce bottle with black writing and JWOWW printed on the front in bold, gold cursive lettering.

Product Consistency and Feel

We know that some people who love to tan also have to deal with the annoying problem of having sensitive skin. This lotion is great for those such people; due to its yogurt base, it is a great option to use if you have sensitive skin. Note that this lotion doesn’t have much shimmer or glitter, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you might want to consider getting a different bronzer.

There are a couple of things to watch out for with this lotion. So, it comes out of the bottle white, eliminating the problem of staining clothing. However, it will stain your fingers and hands if you don’t wash it off immediately after application. So just be aware of that, unless you want weird streakiness on your hands.

Product Application

We love that this lotion doesn’t streak and it fades very evenly between tanning sessions. Due to the slightly thicker yogurty consistency, just make sure to apply lotion evenly all over your body to avoid streaks and uneven color.

I think it applies pretty well, since you have more control of how much to apply all over. Just a note, be wary of flaking and try not to scrub too harshly when showering in order to avoid color fallout.


Unlike most tanning lotions, this product has a very appealing fragrance derived from Asian pears and a blend of other exotic smells including tiger lily, vanilla, bourbon and musk. We like that the scent is light and not overpowering.

Though the manufacturers claim that this lotion has the odor inhibitors, when I use this, I still had somewhat of a slight after-tan odor; however that after-tan smell did go away in 30 minutes.

Although the smell isn’t what you’d usually associate with a tanning lotion, it is still known to bother users who are sensitive towards anything with a strong fragrance. So just be weary of that if you are scent-sensitive.


The yogurt base is incredibly rich in nutrients and proteins, and acts like a base on your skin for the tan to stick to. We think it’s fantastic because it also helps increase melanin production, giving you that dark, luxurious tan.

Australian Gold claims that each part of the lotion’s formula has an important role to play for your skins health. Black currant oil helps to smooth and firm the skin while the shea butter replenish moisture in the skins tissue. Vitamin E helps to prevent wrinkles while conditioning the skin for added moisture.

Tanning Results

When it comes to this tanning lotion, all I can say is wow! After using this lotion for 1-2 sessions, I was instantly super dark. It’s great too because it never made me break out or get all itchy.

I personally like to rotate my bronzers depending on the level of intensity in the tanning bed, so I thought this would be great to try just to change it up. So this lotion was great to try, especially since it made my tan noticeably darker, instantly. It’s great, this lotion gets you shades darker in one session compared to using other bronzers for countless sessions.

With rave reviews, this JWOWW tanning lotion is a pretty good deal for what you get. This bronzer and all other JWOWW products are sold through Australian Gold and can be found on top internet stores, on their website, or in select professional tanning locations all over.

Where To Buy It

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