Millennium Tanning Paint It Black Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: Millennium Paint It Black Tanning LotionMillennium Tanning New Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Brand: Millennium Tanning Products

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.


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Overall Recommendation

Millennium’s Paint It Black tanning lotion brings great results at a very affordable price. Reviewers and avid tanners all agree that this lotion is definitely worth the purchase.

This tanning lotion is suitable for all skin types and all ages, as it does not contain tingle action. If you are looking for a cheap tanning lotion that works well and is affordable, this one is definitely worth buying.

Overall, we recommend the lotion for its great results—a deep tan coloration and the stunning glow as a result of use. Most reviewers would say that this is arguably the best tanning lotion available on the market, for how much you pay. Try the lotion today and let us know what you think.

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

Millennium Paint It Black Tanning Lotion
BrandMillennium Tanning
Consistency and FeelNot too super thick yet not watered down
ApplicationNot streaky, make sure to rub in thoroughly
ScentFresh cotton blossom scent
Features50X Auto Darkening Tan Technology, Accelerator, Skin Firming, Silicone Emulsion
ResultsGet a good base tan first if a beginner tanner; For those with a base tan, brings rich, dark tan
PriceVery affordable, $13 a bottle, so $0.96 per ounce, what a deal!
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Detailed Review


This lotion is made by Millennium Tanning Products, a company well known for their tanning lotions.

Bottle Look and Design

This lotion comes in a black 13.5 ounce bottle with a nice lovely skull (don’t worry, it’s not scary looking) and Paint it Black 50X printed on the front in bold, white lettering.

Product Consistency and Feel

The consistency is like your average lotion, not too super thick, yet not watered down. The color of the lotion itself is a tan-ish color; it feels pretty smooth and not sticky once you applied it.

Product Application

I found that this lotion applies without any of the streakiness that you might find with other lotions, which is definitely a bonus. Just make sure to put a little more effort into making sure you apply it evenly (compared to when applying tanning oil which goes on a lot easier), so you get nice even results.

You don’t have to worry about skin irritation or having sensitive skin because it doesn’t make your skin irritable. Also make sure not to use this lotion on your face; you might want to opt for a more natural bronzer appropriate for your face.

Some tanners have noted that this lotion works a lot better outside if you put sunscreen on and give it about an hour to dry first, then apply the lotion to ensure that the tanning lotion can still absorb completely into your skin.


The smell is pretty amazing, a fresh and clean cotton blossom scent, and it leaves you skin silky smooth after tanning. It kind of smells like a crossbreed between the bath and body works lotions, cherry blossom and vanilla sugar (which I think just smells wonderful). When I’ve used this lotion outside, like at the beach, you smell exactly the same after having the lotion on for a while, a nice sweet scent (think ice cream cone at the beach).


Paint It Black has a 50X auto-darkening tanning technology that delivers deep, dark tanning results. It contains a silicone emulsion blend that leaves your skin touchably soft.

This tanning lotion also has the added bonus of being an accelerator and bronzer, and has skin firming moisturizers to boost skin health and glow.

Tanning Results

This product is really great for quick results, especially for its very low price. We like this lotion because within just a couple of tanning sessions, you can see results.

If you are a beginner tanner and have really fair skin, you may want to start out with getting a good base tan first before using this lotion, as you may risk getting orangy dark with this DHA rich lotion. If you already have a base tan or naturally have medium to dark skin undertone, this product will work really well for you, getting you dark, rich tan.

Some reviewers have noted that this tanning lotion doesn’t work too well if you put on any tanning oil first; with that being said, you may have to go SPF-free when using this lotion outside. If you plan on doing this, we recommend shorter tanning sessions outdoors to prevent unsafe excessive sun exposure.

We absolutely love Millennium’s Paint it Black tanning lotion, so much so that we ranked it as our #2 tanning lotion in the top 5 list for this year. Try it out and you’ll see that you’ll be raving about it too.

Where To Buy It

If you’d like to buy Paint it Black 50X or just want to learn more about it, click here.


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