Millennium Tanning Black Storm Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: Millennium Tanning Black Storm Lotion 60XMillenium Tanning Black Storm Tanning Lotion

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Brand: Millennium Tanning

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.


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Overall Recommendation

There are quite a few things that we like about the Millennium Tanning Black Storm tanning bed lotion. Firstly, it was created to be an extreme bronzer. It uses a unique auto darkening technology to create a very dark tan with its silicone emulsion.

We also love that this tanning lotion creates immediate color enhancement due to time released bronzers, and gives ten times the antioxidant benefits of other lotions due to its Acai oil base. This lotion also has a lovely honey suckle scent and boasts a tan 60x darker than other tanners.

Through our use and research of reviews on this tanner, we would definitely recommend this lotion, especially for those that want an affordable tanner with great features, including moisturizers that leave skin super soft after use, non-irritating ingredients, and long-lasting color.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Millennium Tanning Black Storm Lotion
BrandMillennium Tanning
Consistency and FeelNon-greasy, leaves skin smooth
ApplicationLittle runny but dries quickly
ScentFruity honey suckle fragrance
Features60 times auto-darkening technology, Silicone emulsion technology 
ResultsStrong tanning effects compared to other Millennium lotions, Can see results in 2 sessions
PriceVery affordable, $14 a bottle, so $1 per ounce, Wow!
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Detailed Review


This lotion is made by the well renowned Millennium Tanning, a company popular for their tanning products (and ridiculously tanned models on their website that we envy oh so much!).

Bottle Look and Design

The lotion comes in a 13.5 ounce brown, yellow, and black bottle with a cool futuristic design (Millennium’s signature design look) covered in white inscription.

Product Consistency and Feel

The lotion’s consistency helps in easy and even coverage while preventing splotches. Unlike a lot of tanning lotions, this product never makes your skin feel gross or greasy. It also makes skin feel incredibly soft and smooth.

Product Application

When applying this lotion, it does spread on your body a little runny but does dry quickly. When used in a tanning bed, it gives a nice golden color to the skin without leaving it too bronzed or streaky. Also, you don’t have to worry about looking orange with this lotion, it goes on very nicely on your skin.

However, note that if you are a frequent tanner you may find that you run out of this product faster than other tanning lotions out there.


Whenever I use it, it tends to remind me of the beach, a nice tropical and lovely scent when applying it on. Also the scent of the lotion upon application is very light and has a fruity honey suckle fragrance (yum!). After tanning, it can have somewhat of a burnt popcorn-like smell though (not our fave, but I guess sometimes you gotta deal).


The silicone emulsion technology helps firm your skin and prevent peeling and wrinkles. Also, the manufacturer raves about how its 60 times auto-darkening tan technology is state of the art as far as tanning and results go.

Tanning Results

Users of this product claim that it has given them a tan that’s 5 times darker than when using other lotions on top of it being long lasting. Some users even go so far as claiming that it is like the brand’s other tanning lotion, Paint it Black, but much more potent with stronger tanning effects.

So this lotion can really work some magic, especially for those that need to get their base tan back. After about 2-3 sessions, this lotion can bring about a nice golden dark coloration. Do note that though it doesn’t give you that instant bronzed color right out of the tanning bed, after you give it some time to develop, the tan color comes out nicely.

Where To Buy It

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