Millennium Tanning Black and Tan Tanning Lotion Review

Product DetailsMillennium Tanning Black and Tan Tanning Lotion

Product Name: Millennium Tanning Black and Tan Tanning Lotion

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Brand: Millennium Tanning

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 13.5 oz.

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Overall Recommendation

Here’s another review for one of our favorite makers of tanning lotions, Millennium Tanning. They came out with the Millennium Tanning Black and Tan tanning lotion. This indoor tanning bed lotion is a great deal for the tan you get, a bronze color that leaves a nice even glow.

For those of you that like a little warmth and tingle, this tanning lotion is just for you. It provides just the right amount of tingle for you to feel some heat without feeling like your skin is burning. Now if you like a lot of tingle, you might want to try another lotion (perhaps a tingle tanning lotion from JWOWW’s collection).

We recommend this tanning lotion for those that want a fast tan without having to break the bank. Black and Tan goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling silky as well. You’ll have noticeable results after just 1-2 uses.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Millennium Black and Tan Tanning Lotion
BrandMillennium Tanning
Consistency and FeelModerately thick and creamy texture
ApplicationEasy application, non-greasy, rub in well
ScentFruity pomegranate
FeaturesSilicone bronzer with warming energy beads and moisturizers
ResultsLight-Medium tan, results in 2-3 sessions
PriceLow-range, around $15
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Detailed Review


Millennium Tanning does it again with the Black and Tan lotion. We know Millennium Tanning is reputable for their tanning products, so we can easily recommend this lotion for great results.

Bottle Look and Design

The bottle has Black & Tan written in bold, with black and gold swirls in background. It comes in a 13.5 ounce bottle.

Product Consistency and Feel

This tanning lotion has a moderately thick consistency and creamy texture. Since it is a bit thicker, make sure to smooth evenly all over your body.

Product Application

Black and Tan has an easy application, as it is non-greasy and non-sticky. It spreads all over the body easily and penetrates in your skin pretty well. Just make sure to rub it in really well or it may streak and clean off the excess from your fingers.  Note that some of the bronze may come off after showering and wiping dry with a towel.


This tanning lotion has a pleasant fragrance, not that tanning lotion scent that other products may have. It smells fruity, and is supposed to be inspired by a fresh pomegranate scent. It’s great for both men and women to use. We like this lotion’s fragrance because it’s not overbearing and won’t leave that burnt smell.


Black and Tan tanning lotion features a silicone bronzer infused with warming energy beads. The lotion includes moisturizing properties to give a nice radiant glow with silicone emulsion added. Due to the warming beads, you’ll notice a slight tingle when using this tanning lotion; the warming beads increase blood flow to the skin, providing oxygen to the skin to prep them for tanning. If you like a lot of tingle, you might want to try another lotion, like JWOWW’s Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer.

Tanning Results

This Millennium product includes its staple feature, the auto-darkening, which is a type of tan technology that delivers dark tanning results. Millennium markets the products at 75x bronzing power for quick results. We like it because it helps you get a fast tan, seeing results within 2-3 tanning sessions, and maintains the color for a while. It’s great for those hard to tan areas, like the neck and chin area, and will match in color allover. If applied correctly, your tanning results will leave no orange color or streaks.

Where to Buy It

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