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All You Need To Know About A Spray Tan Tent

When you are serious about getting that amazing golden or darker tan, no matter if you’re considering doing it at home or at the salon, you need to have all the materials in order to get a good result. One of the most crucial materials that you need to have is a spray tan tent.


Simply put, a spray tan tent will prevent that you keep unwanted residue from getting on your floors, walls, furniture, and personal belongings. You may even be the most careful person in the world but you can be sure that there will always be sprinkled to an unwanted area when you’re spray tanning.

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What many people do when they want to get a nice tan at home, is that they usually use the shower. This is actually not a bad idea since usually, the materials that you have in your bathroom are a lot easier to clean. However, you can be sure there will be a mess. Besides, what most self tanners explicit say is that you should try to stay away from water and let the product dry for a specific period of time, even before you put your clothing on. However, when you’re using your shower to tan, you’ll want to rinse it as quickly as possible or you may get some serious stains not only in the shower cabin but in all bathroom as well. If you let this dry, it will be a lot more difficult to take it out, if even possible.

And when you have a salon, well, don’t even think twice. A spray tan tent is a must have or you’re going to spend all your day rinsing the room where you spray tan, and you won’t even have time to spray tan other clients.


Just like it happens to all those tanning lotions, sprayers and other materials that you need in order to get a really nice tan, there is a wide range of spray tan tents to choose from.

One of the models that usually people tend to prefer are the portable spray tan tents. These are perfect no matter if you want to spray tan at home or if you have a salon.


Let’s say that you want to spray tan at home. You can simply pick up the portable spray tan tent and put it wherever you have more space. It can be in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or even on your backyard.

In case you have a salon, the portable spray tan tent is also a good alternative. Let’s just say that you have two different rooms where your customers can be. But depending on your schedule, you may need one room or the other for any specific activity. So, having a portable spray tan tent allows you to move it to the room you can use at that specific time. And in case your salon also provides the service of spray tanning in the client’s home, in this case, there’s absolutely no doubt that you need to have at least one of these portable spray tan tent. After all, the last thing you want is to spray tan all over your clients’ houses.