Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion Review

Lotion Name: Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Brand: Swedish Beauty

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

Size: 8.5 oz.

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Overall Recommendation

So overall, what do we think about the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond tanning lotion? Well, we think it’s absolutely a great product for the experienced tanner. For those that like the tingle factor, this lotion is a great buy. It is said to instantly darken skin, making tanners feel pretty refreshed after tanning. It also works great on those with an olive tone or darker skin tone from already having a base tan. For those that can’t stand the tingle, we suggest you keep looking as this one might not be for you.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning lotion
BrandSwedish Beauty
Consistency and FeelNice consistency and thickness
ApplicationApplies easily, with tingle sensation
ScentFruity, green citrus fragrance
FeaturesMoisturizing extracts like hemp seed oil; includes T2 formula tingler
ResultsMedium bronze glow, can see results quickly
PriceLow-range affordable price, as low as $19
Where To Buy ItClick Here

Detailed Review


This product is created by Swedish Beauty, a reputable company that has made a name for itself for their tanning lotions and other tanning products.

Bottle Look and Design

The Pink Diamond tanning lotion comes in an 8.5 ounce hot pink and silver bottle, with pink diamonds design on the bottle.

Product Consistency and Feel

The lotion goes on as a smooth liquid and applies evenly for overall coverage. We like that it has a nice consistency and thickness, making application relatively easy. It is recommended that you shower immediately after use. Skin may feel slightly slimy after tanning; this will go away once rinsed.

Product Application

This lotion contains DHA which is a self-tanning product. When using any tanning lotions that include DHA you must be careful with application of the product since it is pre-dyed. Whenever you are using a tingling tanning lotion always test it on a small patch of skin before applying. Tingling lotions usually produce their own heat; thus it is recommended that you have a base tan before using.

This is not the product for you if you have sensitive skin as it may clog pores and cause breakouts for sensitive skin types. In addition, skin may turn slightly red if a base tan is not established beforehand.


This tanning lotion has a nice, green citrus fragrance; we like that they keep it simple and fresh.


An ingredient in the Pink Diamond is hemp seed oil which is extracted from a hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is known for its ability to treat cracked, dry skin. When massaged into the skin it helps to nourish your body while improving blood circulation.

This is a tingling lotion that uses the power of a T2 formula which increases blood flow and tanning cell activity. Added natural bronzing gives immediate results while a triple action blend helps to prevent aging as well as firm and slim the body. This lotion does contain a self-tanner, so be sure to apply evenly to avoid streaking and wash hands after application so product doesn’t stain your skin.

Tanning Results

This Swedish Beauty tanning lotion gets you darker faster in as little as two sessions! This product is best used by experienced tanners; if you love the heat, this is the lotion for you. It has a pleasant scent that allows you to leave the salon feeling fresh. Delayed tanners in the lotion continue to work hours after you leave the salon giving you a beautiful glow. Hemp seed oil holds in the moisture as you tan, leaving your body smooth and hydrated. Bronzers add a special touch to your tan, giving you a nice summer sun-kissed look that will make you shine in the heat of the sun.

Where To Buy It

To buy Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning lotion, click here.


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