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What You Need to Know Before You Get a Spray Tan

Everyone wants to get that perfect glowing tan. So, many people just spend hours and hours, every single day, laid in the sun, wishing to get that amazing skin tone. However, we are all now aware of the dangers of the sun’s UV rays, and how they can affect not only our skin as well as our overall health. So, you need to have options. After all, you just want to get a beautiful tan and it shouldn’t be hard to get. And you couldn’t be righter.

When you think about the options, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is the tanning bed. However, when you’re using a tanning bed, you’re also getting affected by the UV rays. Despite there is a lot more control than when you’re fully exposed in the outdoor, it may still be dangerous. So, you need to think about other alternatives. And the best one that you have us to get a spray tan. You won’t have any health problems, and you won’t need to wait endless hours or days to get an amazing golden tan. Nevertheless, there are some things that you need to know prior to actually get a spray tan:

#1: Preparation Before The Spray Tan:

You should exfoliate your skin up until 8 hours before your session. This will allow your skin to better absorb the tan. If you need to shave, this should be done also before the spray tanning session. In case you shave, do it up until 8 hours before the session and if you wax, up to 2 days before.

Make sure that you’re not wearing any lotion, cream or oil, and that you wear loose clothes.

#2: The Spray Tanning Session:

If you’re going to get a spray tan in a salon, make sure that you alert the technician to any skin allergies you have, as well as if your skin is very dry. They will choose the best tanning lotion for you, depending on your needs. In case you’re doing the spray tanning at home, there are many products out there that can help you get the perfect skin tan. Makes sure to check the best self tanning spray reviews to make the right choice. You also have the option to do the spray tan session topless or nude. This is totally up to you and to what you want.

While the technician is spraying the tan on your body, you need to make sure that you keep your arms and legs apart. In case you accidentally touch something, the tan may be ruined.

#3: After The Session:

Just like before the tanning session, make sure that you wear loose clothes, preferably dark. You should avoid to get wet and to exercise at least during 8 to 10 hours after the session. And the same applies to using any kind of lotion or moisturizer because it might give you some odd reaction.

When you’re finally able to shower, you’ll notice that the water draining out will be darker. Don’t worry because this isn’t the tan getting out; it’s just the excess.